Pierro Alaskan 1 Group

pierro coffee machine and grinder
pierro coffee machine and grinder
pierro coffee machine and grinder

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Pierro Alaskan 1  Group Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine and Grinder

 The Pierro Alaskan 1 Group designed for a small coffee house and  high class low volume establishment. Built with the same precision and expertise as its larger brothers the 2 and 3 group coffe machines. Pierro Alaskan 1 Group and our Pierro 64 mm Dosing Grinder is a perfect coffee machine and grinder combination. White in colour, also performs  sensationally with our a Pierro on demand grinder.

This classy elegant espresso coffee machine will perform for you all day and never let you down, our Alaskan 1 group commercial coffee machine never misses a beat, no matter if in the hands of a skilled novice or an experienced Barista, the Pierro Alaskan’s controls, advanced electronics, and design ensure a premium specialty espresso coffee drink every time. This modern Café Coffee Machine along with all our Pierro Coffee machine accessories will give you the confidence to extract your perfect espresso coffee, shot after shot. Designed and built with guaranteed Italian components, this espresso coffee machine is well suited for the Australian Market and will serve you long into the future

A quality commercial coffee coffee machine and grinder suitable for any commercial role asked of it. Perfect for your restaurant.

pierro coffee machine and grinder
  • Alaskan Has the White Stylish Powder Coat Finish
  • Plus models have Attractive down lights above Coffee groups
  • Power supply – Mains Connection 240 Vaults single phase
  • Valves – Parker Valves – Identical Valves used in 90% of all Coffee Machines on The Market
  • Electronics – Very Advanced to ensure ease of Operation, perfect performance and reliability
  • Water Pump – Pro Con , the same Pumps used in the majority of all the Coffee Machines on The Market
  • Coffee Groups – High Raised so the operator can extract straight into 8oz,12oz and 16oz Cups
  • Programming – Pre-infusion is available for all selections on each coffee group
  • All programming is duplicable from one group to all the other groups
  • Flow Meter’s – Gicar , the very same Flow Metre’s used in 90% of all the Coffee Machines on The Market
  • Non – return valves to prevent any foreign liquids entering the boiler
  • Stainless Steel Boilers – Robotically welded to ensure perfect pure water always without contamination
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Groups to ensure 100% pure perfect espresso extraction
  • ( ETL ) To protect the boiler from over heating – safety first with Pierro
  • Temperature control – Heavy Duty pressure Stat to maximise the control of your steam boiler pressure
  • Product selections – 5 coffee product selection buttons, programmable as required
  • 2 steam wands
  • 1 Hot water Outlet
  • Patent Hot Water and Steam Knob – you can operate them by pulling forward and by rotation
  • Cleaning – Automatic cleaning program to ease the procedure for cleaning  the coffee brewing groups
  • Elements – Nickel Coated to provide additional fault protection
  • Heat exchangers – Individual heat exchangers for each coffee group
  • Spare Parts Kits  – Custom prepared spare Parts Kits for Technicians with Video Support
pierro coffee machine and grinder

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A perfect coffee machine and grinder range to choose from.